BasicLine / SuperLine New Generation

The thermoforming machines model BasicLine and SuperLine of New Generation line, are a universal system suitable for the production of household refrigerator inner doors and liners, which does not need any additional adjustments: a series of in line stations make fully automatic the forming process of plastic materials in sheet (ABS and HIPS) with thickness from 0,5 to 8 mm.
Compared with the standard line, the forming process is here obtained through the establishment of vacuum in the mould, while the bubbling stage of the material is executed by a “bell” located in the upper section of the forming station. It is possible to use 2/4 bar compressed air (Pressure Forming) inside the bell during the material’s forming process and also the Cooling System, a rapid cooling of the thermoformed part.


  • Sheet


  • One station in BasicLine, two for SuperLine
  • IR ceramic, quartz, or fl ash black heating elements


  • Forming by vacuum in the mould and ballooning through a bell located in the upper part of the heating station
  • Bell capable to work with positive molds with 2 similar or different shapes (Side-by-Side)
  • Cooling system to quickly cool down the thermoformed part
  • Positive or negative moulds


  • Perimetral cut by guillotine or presse

Production Speed SuperLine New Generation

Inner liners Inner doors
 HIPS  4 mm  up to 170 pcs/h  HIPS  1,5 mm  up to 300 pcs/h
 ABS  3,1 mm  up to 170 pcs/h  ABS  1,4 mm  up to 300 pcs/h

Production Speed BasicLine New Generation

Inner liners Inner doors
 HIPS  4 mm up to 100 pcs/h  HIPS  1,5 mm up to 250 pcs/h
 ABS  3,1 mm up to 100 pcs/h  ABS  1,4 mm up to 250 pcs/h

Standard dimensions

2000x900x600* mm
2100x1250x600* mm
2200x900x600* mm
2000x1000x600* mm
2200x1000x600* mm

* dephts of the moulded pieces available up to 800 mm