The LaborForma serie’s thermoforming machines are suitable for working plastic materials HIPS / ABS / PMMA / PP in cycle, with thickness up to approx. 8 mm and PVC up to 3 mm. If equipped with dedicated accessories, they can also process materials reel-to-reel up to approx. 1 mm if rigid, higher if flexible. These machines are suitable for the production of any thermoformed article: articles for the bathroom furniture (bathtubs, tubs, shower trays, shower walls), articles for household appliances (refrigerators, containers, vacuum cleaners), illuminated signs, helmets, etc. Laborforma is a one working station machine, where plastification and forming take place. The material loading/unloading is manual, or automatic if conceived with a specific optional. Moulds whose forms can be positive or negative relating to the material sliding line are used.

Standard dimensions

1000x700x300* mm 1250x800x300* mm 1500x1000x300* mm
1500x1300x300* mm 2000x1000x300* mm 2000x1200x300* mm
2000x1500x300* mm 2200x1200x300* mm 2500x1500x300* mm
3000x1200x300* mm 3000x2000x300* mm 4000x2000x300* mm

* depth available up to 1300 mm