FB JET is our “entry level” waterjet machine, recognized by customers for its excellent quality/price ratio. Themachine structure is cantilever type, with accessibility on three sides, while the stainless steel water tank is separated by the basement to avoid any cutting vibration transmission.

The high pressure pump located within the basement, easily extractable for maintenance, makes compact the machine.

The numeric control FANUC withPC interface in Windows operating system, a powerful software for the machine management and a KMT high pressure pump, complete the basic configuration of the machine.

These are the main features of FBJET, a very compact machine made by very high quality components to guarantee the maximum reliability over the years.

Available in different dimensions and on 3 axes basic version, which can be equipped with the new ACTIVE type 5-axis head.

Technical Data

 Axes Strokes  Axes Speed
 X 1500-2000 mm  30 mt/1′
 Y 3000-4000 mm  30 mt/1′
 Z 200 mm  15 mt/1′


Applications Sectors