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VentorPower is a 5-axis machining centre, portal type with mobile bridge and fixed table, equipped with advanced technological solutions capable to reach outstanding performances.

The axes movements are on roller guides and screws rectified to double spiral preloaded, the positioning accuracy of the axes is detected by optical lines, the RAM is “box in box“ type.  Available also a “Cross Mobile” version with Z1 Racing (RAM) up to 1800 mm and Z2 (bar) up to 4000 mm .

Can be mounted both heads with 5 axes with continuous interpolation or “Index” type, additional option the «automatic head change» system.

VentorPower is a machining centre for steel, cast iron, titanium and aluminum, suitable for industrial sectors such as Mechanical Fabrication.

Technical data

 Axes Strokes  Axes Speed
 X 6.000 – 40.000 mm  30 mt/1′
 Y 3.800 – 5.000 mm  30 mt/1′
 Z 1.500 – 2.000 mm  30 mt/1′
A (*)  +/- 120°  180° /sec
C (*)  +/- 365°  180° /sec

NOTES: (*) Variable depending on the head type

Spindle features

Power 30 – 100 kW
Torque 150 – 1000 Nm
Speed 5.000 – 18.000 rpm