The thermoforming machines BLX and SLX are composed of a series of in line stations which make the forming process fully automatic.
They are suitable to work in automatic cycle plastic material in sheet (ABS and HIPS) with thickness from 0,5 to 8 mm. The thermoforming machines BLX and SLX are a universal system suitable for the production of household refrigerator inner doors and liners, which does not need any additional adjustments. BLX machine is equipped with a heating station, while the SLX one is furnished of two heating stations. The forming process is obtained through the establishment of vacuum in the mold. The shaped material is formed by the use of positive or partially negative molds with respect to the plastic material sliding line. All in line Comi machines are planned to be integrated into the production lines of the customers. They can be equipped with a series of optional which increase productivity and efficiency on accordance to the customers’ requirements COMI in line machines can match the whole mechanical systems of cutting and drilling. Furthermore, through TECHMILL, it is possible to provide CNC Milling machines, WaterJet or Laser Cutting machine for finishing the pieces. The thermoforming machines BLX and SLX complies with CE regulations and is equipped with components of the best main world-wide known brands.


  • Sheet


  • One station in BasicLine, two for SuperLine
  • IR ceramic, quartz, or fl ash black heating elements


  • Forming by vacuum in the mould and ballooning through a bell located in the upper part of the heating station
  • Bell capable to work with positive molds with 2 similar or different shapes (Side-by-Side)
  • Compressed air at 2/4 bar inside the bell, to support vacuum
  • Cooling System to quickly cool down the thermoformed part
  • Positive or negative moulds


  • Perimetral cut by guillotine or presse

Production Speed SLX

Inner liners Inner doors
 HIPS  3,8 mm up to 180 pcs/h  HIPS  1,5 mm up to 300 pcs/h
 ABS  3,0 mm up to 180 pcs/h  ABS  1,4 mm up to 300 pcs/h

Production Speed BLX

Inner liners Inner doors
 HIPS  4 mm up to 60 pcs/h  HIPS  1,5 mm up to 175 pcs/h
 ABS  3,1 mm up to 60 pcs/h  ABS  1,4 mm up to 175 pcs/h

Standard dimensions

2000x900x600* mm
2100x1250x600* mm
2200x900x600* mm
2000x1000x600* mm
2200x1000x600* mm

* dephts of the moulded pieces available up to 800 mm