Among the cutting technologies, this is with no doubt the most fascinated one. Laser cutting is made with the use of a resonator (Laser source), in which it is generated a light band that, transported through a series of mirrors, it reaches and passes through the focusing lenses. The cutting process consists in transforming in heat the energy absorbed by the material in which the band is focused. This heat, according to the cut material, causes the fusion locally, combustion or vaporization of the same, while the exit of the unnecessary material in the cutting zone, is made through the action of a gas, which is named process gas or cutting gas.

The main feature of the laser cutting technology is the absence of contact between tool and the part to be cut.This makes the cutting speed to be very high, which instead cannot be achieved by traditional cutting systems.These machines are suitable for several applications whenever complex geometries and shapes are requested to be cut with the utmost precision. With sources of adequate power, it is additionally granted a high productivity even on very low thicknesses, where the traditional cutting systems are not able to offer acceptable results. In the end, being the focused laser band very thin, the cutting thickness is always very reduced, which grants a very low loss of material. With such technology, it is possible to cut most part of materials, with high results both in terms of quality and production.

The range of materials which can be processed is wide: composites, metal and light alloys, plastics, rubber, methacrylate, cardboard, leather, plywood, textile, etc.Our CNC laser cutting machines are focused mainly onthermoformed pieces sector, automotive and dieboards, butthey can be used also in other fields as long as cutting power and dimensions are suitable


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