Our goal is to provide our customers not only a machine but a productive solution that could fully meet the most demanding expectations.

For this reason, every machine has been conceived following the EDMAS principle – Everybody Deserves the Most Appropriate Solution – in order to supply tailor-made solutions.

A little bit of history

COMI SpA was established in August in 1973, by the two partners Enzo Ballabio and Remo Sertori, with the aim of the design and the construction of thermoforming machines, with a particular attention to the refrigerator industry.

The Group management is nowadays headed by Franco Ballabio, son of one of the founding members.

The company has operated for several years as manufacturer of machineries, while the sale was handled by a joint brand; only in 1998 COMI decides to present itself directly in the market under its own brand, immediately succeeding in breaking through thanks to the quality and high technological level of its products.

In 1994, the idea of enriching its range of products with advanced technology cutting systems, leads the company to enter the field of machines with 3 and 5-axis laser cutting technology.

In 2008 COMI enters the majority of the capital of the then newly established “TECHMILL”, a company specialized in the design and manufacturing of CNC machining centres, acquiring its full ownership in early 2011.

In 2009 it is established a cooperation with LDSA, the French company leader in the waterjet cutting machines industry, with the aim of developing new products in partnership.

In 2010 COMI SpA signs a cooperation agreement with AMUT SpA, leading Italian company in the extrusion machines industry, for the joint development of a line of machines for the production of inner doors with high pressure technology and high levels of productivity.

In 2011 COMI SpA acquires CBM, Italian company specialized in thermoforming machines for the packaging industry, in order to expand its product range.

In 2012 COMI SpA acquires BENAZZATO, an Italian company that manifactures machining centres for heavy duty applications (steel, titanium etc.)

In 2013 COMI SpA and AMUT SpA join forces in the packaging industry by creating a single company for the production of thermoforming by leaf for packaging of disposables industry.

In 2015 COMI SpA acquires PARCO, company active in the production and marketing of thermoforming machines with a particular focus on the industrial sector, characterized by single-station solutions.

Also in 2015 COMI SpA founds QUANTUM, mainly focused on the sales of machining centres of Far East origin and equipment for mechanical workshops.

The production sites are 3: the main in Ciserano (Zingonia) while the other 2 in Levate and Vigevano.

After more than 40 years of activity, today COMI is a solid industrial reality, with more than 1200 systems installed in over 50 countries all around the world, a top level reference list and a brand among the most prestigious in its market.

9001 Quality Management (Dekra)

The companies of COMI Group

Holding of the COMI group.

Company dealing with the project and realization of in-line thermoforming equipments for refrigerators, compression presses and engineering for composite materials, thermosetting and elastometers.

Division specialized in the project and realization of 5 and 3 axes numeric control milling centres for the machining of composites materials, plastics, steel and light alloys, together with Waterjet cutting centres.

Division involved in the project and realization of single-station thermoforming machines meant for various industrial fields


It is the technical and commercial branch of COMI Group which is dedicated to the After Sales Service and Development of the North-American market.


It is a company born from the joint-venture between AMUT and COMI Groups and it specialized in the project, production and sales of thermoforming equipments for disposable plastic articles.


It is a company for the trading and After Sales support on the Italian market of tool machines and Equipments for workshops of mechanical productions Società dedicata alla commercializzazione ed assistenza sul mercato italiano di macchine utensili ed attrezzature per officine di lavorazioni meccaniche.